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You want to know ...

I need a break!

Help, I am really stressed and I need a weekend away to wind down. I am in Sydney but would love somewhere warm, so I am thinking QLD possibly, but as it is only a weekend maybe somewhere closer to home! Just would like some options to choose from, I want to go this weekend.

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Asked by: Rebekah S Relaxed Bliss Answers: 2

Winter Escape

We're looking for an awesome mid-week deal in the sun, or possibly somewhere that has an open fire, mainly we want warmth! Needs to be in driving distance (max 3 hours) from Sydney.

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Asked by: Jessie Romantic Bliss Answers: 2

Sunny Bliss Required

Bliss is surely a warm, private, sunny place away from phones and computers and preferably near a beach! Who has an irresistable package deal on offer that we can book??

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Asked by: Barbara & Luke Hideaway Bliss Answers: 2

Tasmania Holiday

I am planning a family holiday in October to Tasmania. We would like to have a quiet relaxing time but as we have two children aged 10 and 12 we will need to do some family activities. If you have any ideas of activities we could do or places to stay I would really love to hear them.

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Asked by: Joanne Relaxed Bliss Answers: 2

Gay Bliss

I would like to book a blissful weekend away with my partner. We would like somewhere near the beach as we like to go on long walks and get some of that wonderful sea air! Can anybody recommend a cosy place for us to stay?

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Asked by: Nigel Adults Only Bliss Answers: 4

Need To Unwind Not To Far From Home

hi, my wife has been working double shifts for the last month and needs a break. We don't have too much time to spare so don't want to travel far from home. Home is Newcastle (NSW). I also work long hours and don't have a lot of time to shop around. If you can suggest somewhere to stay for blissful relaxation we'd really appreciate it. thanks

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Asked by: Larry S Relaxed Bliss Answers: 3

Weekend Bliss in Brisbane

I want to give my best girlfriend and her fiance a weekend away to chill out before their wedding. I love the sound of a Blissful Break, sounds like just what they need. They live in Brisbane, so somewhere not too far away would be great.

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Asked by: Dianne Pampered Bliss Answers: 6

Unwinding in Melbourne

My husband and I need some relaxing time out after a difficult start to the year. Bliss sounds perfect. We are in Melbourne, any suggestions on where we should go to unwind?

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Asked by: Sam Relaxed Bliss Answers: 4